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in washington, d.c. where 50 years ago today, dr. martin luther king delivered his speech. preparations are now under way for today's march on washington. president obama will be attending the ceremony. he will be joined by former presidents jimmy carter and bill clinton. obama considers the historic event of 1963 to be a seminal event. he says the anniversary is a time to reflect on how far the country has come and how far it still has to go. a bay area man was there 50 years ago to witness history in the making. >> i knew that this man was going to do something magnificent and that's what he did. >> later this morning, cecil williams tells kpix 5 what it was like to be there and how the speech inspired him to make a difference. >>> well, it's 5:14. let's kick it over to liz and find out what's going on in trafficland. >> not much. it's pretty quiet. we like to hear that because tomorrow could be a different story with the bay bridge close the hopefully people will take a long labor day holiday weekend. if you're causing the golden gate bridge, the big issue is fog. it's soupy this morning hea
support may not bring the change washington is hoping for. >>> secretary of defense was asked if cutting aid would end the violence. >> it is limited. it's up to the egyptian people. >> even if the u.s. does cut off support, egypt may not lose a dime. reimburse egypt if western countries suspend their aid. cbs news, washington. >> a new pew poll show 51% of americans want to cut off aid. >> let's get another check on weather. you are talking about lightning. there was a lot of fog out there. >> the atmosphere may be more stable. so maybe not as much lightning as yesterday. still have a chance of lightning. the red flag warnings are still up in the bay area. we have plenty of lightning strikes. you can see that rotating through away from the coastline as low continues to remain south. numerous lightning strikes. over 11,000 continued lightning strikes out over the bay waters as well. quite the display last night. low clouds and fog. the temperatures right now 61 degrees and mild in oakland. 66 in livermore and 63 in san jose. this afternoon 80s and 90s. 60s toward the coastline. and still
facilities became a political flashpoint in washington after last year's attack in benghazi, libya. the benghazi mission was ambushed twice on september 11th of 2012. four americans were killed including ambassador christopher stevens. lawmakers are pursuing an investigation into the attack and the government's response. they are also pressing new fbi director james comey to take action. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. >> important to note the state department emphasizes the embassy closures are precautionary. >>> the white house is disappointed with russia for giving temporary asylum to u.s. fugitive edward snowden. yesterday the former security contractor left a moscow airport where he had been in limbo for weeks. russia says he can stay in the country for one year as long as he does not leave the country and does not leak any more u.s. secrets. the obama administration wants snowden to face trial for releasing classified information about surveillance programs. >>> rolling stone magazine benefited greatly from its controversial cover featuring boston bombing suspect dzh
this morning at a joint base in washington. 9 afghan villagers have been thrown in to testify. >>> a man who went online to order a safe got a lot more than he asked for. >> it contained more than 200 pounds of drugs. the safe is empty now but wasn't when it was delivered to his home back in mid june. it was loaded with 285 pound outside of marijuana. probably direct from mexico. >> the thing about it is that you need to know, it was made in mexico. it was made by inmate labor and transported into the states. >> authorities are still trying to backtrack the load of pot. still looking for the driver who brought the safe into the country and whomever gave him the drugs is looking for him too. >> 5:18. and dreams do come true. the slam dunk offer for this one handed basketball player. >> good morning. green and gold time in oakland. it was dramatic last night. no drama at 3rd and king's streets. stubbed its toe for all of the red sox nation to see. don't move. ,,,, 'til labor day to reward yourself! get 48 months interest-free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection. not to labor
luther king delivered his famous speech after the historic march to washington. how our nation is preparing to commemorate that moment and why one bay area man will never forget it. >> thick fog settling in over the bay area in some parts right now. we should see a whole lot of this in the afternoon. that means sunshine. how warm it will get in your neighborhood coming up. >> and our travel time between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange still under a half hour. coming up we'll get a check of your roadways plus mass transit. >> good morning. it is wednesday, august 28. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. >>> right now, fire crews in fairfield are keeping an eye on any hot spots flames jumping from rooftop to rooftop in destroying a half dozen homes in a matter of minutes. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is in the neighborhood where several charred homes lined the streets now. cate, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank. just several minutes -- not several, just minutes ago firefighters were here just hosting down the remains of what u
market and repackages them as security. >>> and the news in washington this morning is the newspaper. the washington post has been sold to amazon.com founder jeff bezos. paid $250 million for the post and other company newspapers. the post has been owned by a grant family since 1933. but like other newspapers, it has been losing readers and advisers to the internet. he is buying the post as an individual and amazon will not be involved. certainly some big changes there for the washington post. >> yes, absolutely. and big changes for jet blue. we hear it's going first class. >> yes, someone's getting fancy. known for all coach services, actually, adding 16 live flat first class seat. first time jet blue will have two types of service. the new larger seats will be located in the front of the plane and convert into a single bed. some seats will be walled off in a sliding door in what jet blue is calling suites. probably not going to be able to fly back in coach after that. >> at least you get tvs in coach. >> yes. that's always good too too. >> ashley, live in new york. thanks. >> we a
fulfilling his dream. susan mcginnis is in washington, d.c. >> i have a dream -- >> reporter: 50 years ago today, martin luther king, jr. stood on the steps of the lincoln memorial and delivered a speech that would go down in american history. >> my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. i have a dream today! >> reporter: today, as many as 20,000 people are expected to fill the national mall to hear tributes to dr. king. felicia farrell came from massachusetts to be part of it. >> i'm hoping that we can reignite that spark. >> reporter: in 1963, the march here was about equality and most would agree there has been progress in the last 50 years. but many believe dr. king's dream is not a reality. >> if dr. king was here, i'm quite sure he would say, congratulations on all the progress that's been made but let's keep going. the dream is not achieved yet. >> reporter: president obama said the march 50 years ago was about more than justice, it was also about jobs. >> we have done nothing
her near santa clara university. officers say she left a 7- eleven store near poplar and washington when somebody grabbed her from behind. the woman told police the suspect warned her not to scream. she fought back though kicking him in the groin then she ran away. police say a k-9 unit tracked the suspect back to campus and lost him. >>> police say it's not clear if the latest attack is connected to another violent crime that happened about two miles away from campus. somebody sexually assaulted a woman in her apartment off homestead road near central park last friday. according to police, the man got inside through a bathroom window. >>> right now we are showing you live pictures from ohio, where sentencing hearing for ariel castro is under way in a cleveland courtroom. castro is the man who kidnapped three women and abused them in his home for years in a case that shocked the country. family members say he will speak at length this morning to tell his side of the story. ariel castro's plea deal dropped the death penalty in exchange for life in prison plus 1,000 years. court sourc
world. president obama is scheduled to speak today about the terror alert. >>> in washington today the u.s. secretary of state john kerry and defense secretary chuck hagel will meet with their russian counterparts focusing in on the crisis in syria, arms role and missile defense. it could be awkward coming two days after the white house cancelled president obama as september meeting with russian president vladimir putin. >>> a south florida man went to police to confess to murdering his wife but even before he did that, he shocked his facebook friends by posting a picture of his wife's body online. and these are other photos posted earlier this week by 31- year-old derek medina before the killing. neighbors were wary of him. >> he walks around looking confused with a gun. he tried to be like the neighborhood watch guy. he is always there late night. and just always weird to me. always kind of looking around and trying to be a hero. >> a post on his facebook page indicates he killed her after she had punched him during an argument. >> newly recovered surveillance video shows the power of
of washington. the u.s. state department ordered the evacuation of non-emergency government workers from yemen. a phone call made by al-qaida chief and his deputy. and authorities say the terrorists have talked about unspecified big attack. the state department issued a global travel alert to americans and dozens of embassies and consue lates were closed. >> a pennsylvania man is in custody accused of opening fire at a township meeting killing three people. two other people were hurt before others managed to tackle the gunman. 59-year-old rocky newel l had a long-term dispute with local officials. >> officials suggest the central bank should cut bond buying program next month unless the economy tanks between now and then. >>> stocks were mixed yesterday. the nasdaq did manage a small gain of 3 points. >> watch what you say on twitter. the kind of tweets cracking down now. >> when you hear what some bay area parents are willing to spend coming up. with mcat breakfast.ar menu home of the irresistible sausage burrito. ♪ and freshly brewed premium roast coffee you love. plus other amazing tastes
directly to the military. cbs news, washington. >> diplomates are gathering this morning to discuss possible action in response to the crisis in egypt. >>> a demonstration here in san francisco included both opponents. but all were protesting the brutal government crack down. some have lost family members in the violence. >> we have another friend who lost his partner who was a silicon valley entrepreneur and a founder of a company here and we have another friend who lost two cousins. >> some of yesterday's protestors say the government is trying to minimize the number of people who have been killed in egypt. >> ac transit workers rejected the agency's latest contract offer. the negotiating teams will go back to the bargaining table. negotiators will meet soon to decide next move. the union represents bus drivers, dispatchers, maintenance and clerical workers. >>> we are counting down to the opening of the eastern span of the bay bridge. crews will put on the finishing touches before the new span opens tuesday morning september 3rd. >>> it has cost big bucks and headaches. state law
to that is in order. cbs reporter with the very latest now from washington. >> reporter: egypt's military is stepping up crack down of government protestors. army troops are in streets and police are arresting anyone violating the overnight curfew. he will not tolerate any more violence. >> we will not stand by silently watching the destruction of the country and the people. >> more than 800 have been killed in clashes between security forces and reporters of mohammed morsi. the protestors are terrorists trying to bring down the country. >>> overthrowing the elected president. >> as the death toll mounts, so does pressure from capital hill with congressmen calling on president obama to suspend aid. >> the president retains support saying the military is necessary. because it keeps the peace with israel and provides safe passage through the canal. >> tlr no good choices. of the two, i think there's more opportunity to protect american interests if we work with the military. >> the u.s. sends roughly 1.5 address billion to egypt each year with all of it going directly to the military. cbs news, washing
on to our play of the day this morning. this one is from preseason football. washington red skin's quarterback rex grossman passed. washington went on to beat pittsburgh. pretty good there. >> tennis star maria sharapova may be under another name. has approached a florida court about having her last name legally changed to sugar pova. if all goes as planned, the change will happen. >> that's weird. >> a little bit. >> two different establishments with a golden name. why one will have to settle for something different. >> going out for a nice meal. how high end eater ees are ditching tipping. >> reporter: with fire danger high. i'll tell you when we have the threat of lightning today. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, if you're like me, you've been working you've been working like a dog all year. but you don't need to camp out 'til labor day to reward yourself! mattress discounters' labor day sale is ending soon! rest those tired bones on a queen size sealy gel memory foam mattress! for just $497! get 48 months interest-free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection. but this sale ends
are meeting in washington today, coming after mr. obama canceled his one on one meeting with russian president vladimir putin. the meeting was called off after russia granted n sa leaker edward snowden asylum. >>> edward snowden's email service has mysteriously shut down. the email service creator says he opted to shut down the site after refusing a court order to let the feds spy on his customers. he plans to fight the u.s. government in court. about 350,000 customers use that site. >>> think that parking ticket is unfair? how one bay area city is making it harder to fight it now in court, coming up. >> and thieves go to great lengths to steal computers then just give them all back. wait until you see the apology notes that show their change of heart. and -- ♪[ music ] >> the sound of jazz is about to fill downtown san jose all weekend long from big bands to r&b. we're live with what's new at the weekend's big jazz fest. >> tell you what's new in the weather department. we have a warming trend but there's a lot of drizzle out there. we have the forecast looking all the way into next week co
chemical weapons attacks against its own people. but not everyone in washington is ready to strike syria. >> members of congress were not happy with what they heard. they weren't happy with the amount of answers they got from the obama administration on what the specifics of some sort of intervention in syria could look like. >> the u.n. inspectors are wrapping up their investigation at the attack sites outside damascus and are expected to leave syria tomorrow. u.s. officials say last week's attack could not have come from any source other than government forces. >>> a substitute san jose elementary school teacher is arrested for child pornography allegations. 39-year-old brian westfall was taken into custody yesterday after authorities searched his home and allegedly found more than 2,000 images. westfall has long worked at south san jose elementary schools. he will make his first court appearance today. >>> thieves using the notorious snake scam are making their way to more bay area cities. police released this suspect sketch of 5'2" hispanic woman who is described to approach a home p
red bull and monster defended their products in washington. the american medical association has voted to ban the marketing of energy drinks to anyone younger than 18. >>> lgbt activists in new york hosts their own version of the boston tea party this week. they poured out vodka from the russian brand in front of the russian consulate protesting against anti-gay laws passed in russia which have triggered violent attacks against members of the lgbt community there. even business owners joined in on the effort in new york. >> unfortunately, this is the best chance we have. we have learned many, many years that corporate america if though hurt financially they pay attention. >> russia's parliament unanimously passed the laws last month. they ban "propaganda of non- traditional sexual relations" and impose heavy fines on those who promote homosexuality. >>> it's part airplane and part car. >> at about 7 feet wide and 19 feet long, this contraption shown off at a wisconsin aviation show can fly you and a bunny somewhere and when you land, you can actually fold in the wings and drive to you
suspect has spread to oregon and washington. oregon state police say there have been two possible sightings of james dimaggio's blue nissan versa. investigators believe 16-year- old hannah anderson is with him. a friend of the teen says dimaggio recently said he had a crush on hannah. dimaggio is suspected of killing hannah's mother, her body found in the burned rubble of dimaggio's san diego county home. a child's body was also found. it's unknown if it's hannah's younger brother. >>> firefighters are battling a fast-moving wildfire in riverside county. huge flames lighting up the night sky as you can see. the fire has burned 9 square miles in the san jacinto mountains near banning. a dozen buildings are damaged or destroyed including some homes. 1500 people have been evacuated in several communities. >> we tried to get out. we were all packed up and tried to get out but we didn't get to the end of the road. >> two firefighters and another person were hurt but as of this morning, there are no details available about their conditions. >>> 4:37. and brian is here with us for a chec
recipients include the late sally ride the first american woman in space. ben bradlee of the "washington post" who oversaw the newspaper's coverage of water. the great ernie banks who hit more than 500 home runs with the chicago cubs. and writer gloria steinem. >>> a three-day slide is over on wall street. the markets were up yesterday on an encouraging jobs report. the dow added 27.5 points. the nasdaq closed 15 points higher. walmart has agreed to new safety measures protecting employees who work with chemicals and trash compactors. it's part of a settlement with the department of labor. walmart will also pay a $190,000 fine to settle it. the issue stems from violations found by federal officials inspecting a store in new york. >>> the iphone is losing popularity. market share dropped in the 2nd quarter but analysts believe that could change if the company unveils a new phone this fall. the iphone is the number 2 selling smartphone worldwide. android devices are number one with almost 80% of the market. >>> 4:50 now. groupon is back on the tech stock watch jumping 22% in trading. the onlin
and weather. you were up in the northwest? oregon and washington? >> yeah. beautiful drive along the oregon coast, went up to canada which is lovely. so brought you guys back some maple syrup. >> go perfect with my waffles today. can't wait! >>> around the bay area today, temperatures going to heat up a little bit. patchy fog this morning, not as thick as yesterday. 50s and 60s to begin the day fog continuing at the coastline and a few patches inside the bay. it looks like this afternoon we'll sigh more sunshine on the way and less of -- we'll see more sunshine on the way and less of this, fog, as the ridge of high pressure builds overhead. temperatures heat up, return to 90s in the valleys by the afternoon, 70s around the bay, maybe 83 degrees in redwood city, 84 in san jose and about 69 degrees in san francisco. we are looking at some fantastic weather ahead as the temperatures are going to be warming up a few more degrees so we are going to keep things toasty the next couple of days but this next weekend things could change. all right. let's check on traffic now with liza battalones. >>
. they say they are reacting out of an abundance of caution. in washington, susan mcginnis cbs news. >> those places are closed on sunday anyway. >>> the white house is disappointed with russia for giving temporary asylum to u.s. fugitive edward snowden. the former security contractor left a moscow airport yesterday where he had been for weeks. russia says he can stay in the country for a year as long as he does not leave the country and does not leak any more u.s. secrets. >> this move by the russian government undermines a long- standing record of law enforcement cooperation, cooperation that has recently been on the upswing since the boston marathon bombings. >> the white house wants snowden back in the u.s. to face espionage charges for releasing information about surveillance programs. president obama is said to be reconsidering his upcoming summit with russian president vladimir putin planned for this fall in moscow. >>> you have heard of old faithful. you could call this old unreliable. the world's largest geyser putting on a historic show. >> a new tool to help people with food allerg
cooling off period. >> developing news out of washington. a talk of a big attack has forced the u.s. state department to evacuate non-emergency government workers from yemen. picked up details in a phone call made by al-qaida chief. issued a global travel alert to americans. and dozens of u.s. embassies and consulates were closed. >>> major nadal hassan's court marshal comes years after the shooting. finally be able to tell their stories on the witness stand. >> i looked over and i saw him pointing a gun at me and by the time i tried shifting over, felt like a baseball bat hit me in the side of my neck. and blood went everywhere. >> hassan will represent himself in the trial after asking his attorneys be released. >> it's pretty scary that went down in our neighborhood. >> teens accused of throwing bombs out of car windows. the beauty queen linked to the prank. >> and that sinking feelings. a sports car getting sucked into the earth. >> and would you eat beef grown in a lab? the reviews are in for the world's first test tube burger. >> warm somewhere. but not here in the nation's midsectio
future aid on specific steps toward the rule of law and return to democracy. >> cbs news, washington. >> critics of the administration strategy believes options are limited. john mccain says the obama administration lost credibility on the issue. sglt pretty common on the east coast. not so much here. a little lightning. >> this time a year can get interesting. we could get a chance of thunderstorms outside. right now it's quiet and temperatures are staying warm. by the afternoon, a little bit of heating. could see thunderstorms popping up. radar showing you thunderstorms. well to the south. nonetheless, we have low pressure spinning off the coastline and because of that low we could see thovrms popping up. >> temperatures right now 71 in livermore. and 57 and fog in san francisco. here's that low i was talking about spinning off the coastline. that is going to spin over the next few days. it's going to be hot, muggy. a chance of thunderstorms too. >>> let's check out the roadways with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. check back in with mobile 5. brian behind the wheel . he just go
along with washington, d.c. >>> 5:51. a smooth criminal swipes a $200,000 car. the item in the car that led cops to the thief. >> plus george jetson would be jealous of this car. how it new car will take you from the air -- how this new car will take you from the air to the roads in no time coming your way. so do something nice for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. as soon as you feelon soit, try miralax.ce for it. it works differently than other laxatives. it draws water into your colon to unblock your system naturally. don't wait to feel great. >>> checking out your microclimate forecast taking you for a closer look into fremont. mostly sunny and 73 degrees this an. >> a stalled out big rig causing problems in livermore westbound 580 by north livermore avenue. delays are growing. we'll tell you more about this plus the rest of your morning commute coming up. >>> southern california man swipes a $200,000 sports car from a valet at a restaurant before driving to the car's owner's home and robbing it. police say the thief was spooked and ran into the man's house. >> he to
's an area the size of new jersey depleted of oxygen that is starving sea life off the coast of washington and oregon. it's one of 400 dead zones around the world caused by fertilizer, sewage, dumped into the ocean by river runoff. >>> check out this under water creature. south korean scientists have created a robot nicknamed crabster for obvious reasons here. it's job is to explore under water, harvest small samples and carry heavy objects. it's 8 feet tall, 1400 pounds, 10 optical cameras. researchers hope crabster cast perform better in water than remotely operated vehicles. >>> 5:19. coming up, agonizing decision. how alex rodriguez could avoid a lifetime ban from major league baseball. >> the nfl season hasn't even started and the 9ers are stung hard by the injury bug. one guy is lost for the season and from the diamond could sergio romo escape a bases- loaded no out jam in the ninth for the giants? sports is coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> not a bad weekend to take in the fair. sunny warm and nice too. >> first reports of an accident on city streets in san francisco. unfortu
were sleep deprived. >>> a coffee shop owner in washington state was a target on facebook after she kicked out messy kids and their mothers. she called them out on her cafe facebook page with her photo. i'd like to thank our customers with small children for not making a mess, she wrote. a couple of ladies came in today and this is the mess their children made. now, one of the mothers shared that photo online. well, as you might imagine, that sparked a big debate on facebook. some cheered for the mothers and blasted the cafe owner. others support the owner saying she had the right to make the rules in he business. the photo was lead to by the owner. >> someone on facebook threatened to drag me behind their truck or picket the business. >> she tried to turn the negative to a positive by donating a scone. she raised $10 4 for kids back to school supplies. >> there you go. >>> going for pin perfection. the freak error that sabotaged this bowler's perfect game coming up. >> and we're just one day away from 49er football. the defending nfc champs play the broncos thursday at 6:00 right h
and the state of washington. oregon state police say there have been two possible sightings of james dimaggio's car. investigators believe 16-year- old hannah anderson is with him. a friend of the teen says dimaggio had a crush on her. dimaggio is suspected of killing hannah's mother sunday. investigators are still trying to determine if another body found is hannah's 8-year-old brother. >>> antioch police arrested a man accused of kidnapping a woman from a kmart parking lot. the registered sex offender kevin harvey, police say he sexually assaulted her at gunpoint on monday afternoon. she was able to escape and call for help. harvey held on $1.4 million bail. >>> 5:36. major league baseball is now playing hardball asking a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the city of san jose. the city recently sued mlb over its failure to decide whether the as can pursue a downtown san jose ballpark. the san francisco giants are trying to prevent the as' move. the giants have had territorial rights ever since their failed attempt to move to san jose in the '90s. >> can major league baseball
for a missing teenager and murder suspect from san diego county. it has spread to oregon and washington. oregon state police say there have been two possible sightings of james dimaggio's car. investigators believe 16-year- old hannah anderson is with him. a friend of the teen says dimaggio had a crush on her. dimaggio is suspected of killing hannah's mother sunday evening. a child's body was also found but it's still not found if it's hannah's younger brother. >>> after all the months of talks bart and the unions are still far apart. bart says the gap is $100 million, the union says it's $56 million. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec joins us live in walnut creek. i guess they are finally getting back to talking and that's good news, right? >> reporter: yeah, but for these hundreds of thousands of riders it is another morning of anxiety at bart stations around the bay area but yeah, managers and union negotiators are going to go back to the bargaining table this morning. we'll see if they get any closer than they have been which is not close at all. yesterday it became apparent exactly how far apar
. >> as you say what a difference or a week makes as dyna washington once sang back in 1959. >> wow. >>> as we start out with mostly clear skies around the bay area today, by the way, lawrence is off today because of all times when we are finally getting a little heat in the bay area lawrence coming down with a little bit of a cold so we hope he is feeling better. 59 livermore, 60 fairfield, 57 san francisco, 52 napa. 59 in san jose. so we are off to a mild start as per usual but later we recover to the mid-80s in the south bay. san jose up to 86 degrees. cupertino at 87. milpitas has 85. in santa clara 86 degrees. for the east bay well above average about 10 degrees above average. pleasanton at 96, walnut creek 93. central bay nice, san francisco about where we are this time of year anyway 69. but oakland 78 degrees. mighty nice. the extended forecast shows more of the same with a few changes toward the weekend. we'll cover that in a few minutes. but first let's get that important bent metal update. here's liza. >> we actually have some bent metal to talk about with an accident in livermore c
washington is trying to block an airline megamerger. plus, more of charlie's revealing conversation with oracle ceo larry ellison. >>> first, we begin with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> i heard a sonic boom. it shook my whole house. it could have been in the neighborhood. >> a cargo plane crash in
in seattle now that marijuana is legal in washington state. police will be handing out doritos. they hope to generate buzz. >> no pun intended. >>> i don't know what the segue to traffic is with that. >> with pot? the. >> munchies? >> take it away. >>> we'll talk about the commute this morning. thursday driving is going to be tough for drivers in palo alto. we have been talking about that accident. it's a solo spinout. this is a car hit the guardrail. blocking multiple lanes of traffic. this happened north 101 at university avenue. no major injuries but the driver has been transported to the hospital hopefully chp will be able to reopen the lanes in a few minutes. highway 4 construction eastbound approaching willow pass road. three lanes of traffic are closed for the same roadwork. they will be out there until at least 12 noon today. the bart system checking in with no delays. they had a problem yesterday in the transbay tube. that's gone. everything looking good for bart, ace, muni and caltrain. now, the bridge commutes are fine. no problems so far at the bay bridge toll plaza. same stor
use of pot in the state of the washington. >> stapled to the bag of doritos. >> quite a hemp fes. >>> let's check the roads with liza. >> good morning. we are going to start off with the highway four commute where the chp still is working on near lone tree way. you can see the red for the sensors leaving the car is leaving antioch bound for pittsburg. no lanes are shut down because of the accident. we'll check on the 880/237 commute. the south bay drive has been very quiet. still no major problems for all of the silicon valley. and local transit also off to a good start. we haven't had any big problems this morning for the bart system. muni, caltrain and ace great options to get around the bay area. now the bay bridge commute is a different story. we are seeing some backups at the toll plaza extending to about the 880 overcrossing, metering lights are on. heavy from grant line to livermore. loosens up in pleasanton. 880 no big delays in either direction. >>> we have low this morning. a little thick as you approach the coastline. drizzle showing up there in the roadways, a little
reasons. >> hm. >> okay. >>> scientists at the smithsonian in washington have discovered a new species of mammal. this cute fury animal is an olinguito. it's considered a small member of the raccoon family. it lives in the treetops of the andes mountains. the olinguito is the first mammal carnivore species to be newly identified in the americas in 35 years. cute. >> is kind of cute. >>> it is 6:53 a new twist in the major league baseball doping scandal. yankees slugger alex rodriguez in more hot water. what's been uncovered and how he is accused of snitching on some of his fellow players. what is performance? 0 to 60? or 60 to 0? [ tires screech ] how a car performs in a quarter-mile? [ engine revs ] or a quarter-century? is performance about the joy of driving? or the importance... of surviving. to us, performance is not about doing one thing well. it is about doing everything well. because in the end... everything matters. the best or nothing. that is what drives us. [ female announcer ] no other system lets you take your license from state to state. no other system integrates patien
. and strong calls in washington to do something. plus, a california wildfire explodes, threatening thousands of homes and a national treasure. >> who really erased the nixon watergate tapes? the varyings who say they have the answer. and filmmaker spike lee here to answer criticism over how he played for his latest movie. >> first, a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> those responsible for the use of chemical weapon, if it's rm
for locked out of heaven. >>> zookeepers in washington, d.c. say a newborn giant panda cub appears to be in excellent health. >> look at the little guy. the panda was born at the minnesota national zoo on friday -- san antonio national zoo on friday. the panda weighs 4.8 ounces. veterinarians say it's been digesting its food and has a steady heartbeat. pandas are critically endangered. breeding them in captivity has often been very difficult but that little guy is doing very well. >> they are tiny when they're born. >> they go into the pouch and don't come out until they are about 2 or 3 pounds. >> very cute. >>> 5:56. in the next half hour the "rim" fire continues to burn out of control near yosemite. we are going live to the front lines of that firefight. >> it's the social media phenomenon known as revenge porn. intimate photos of ex-lovers shared for everyone to see on the internet. how california lawmakers are trying to put an end to the humiliation. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 'til labor day to reward yourself! get the queen size sealy gel memory foam mattress for just $497! not to
are picking up slow speeds from at least washington and it's sluggish as well in that westbound 580 commute as you head toward the castro valley y. and on 238 as people fry to get on to the nimitz freeway, so for a while we were saying the long way around to marin county was looking good. we are just beginning to see some slowdowns about midspan across the richmond/san rafael bridge. but our good news is that the southbound 101 ride through marin county looks good all the way from san rafael down towards the golden gate bridge. here's some fog that could slow you down but at least traffic is moving at the limit. a great option to get into the city right now. with more on the fog, let's get a check of your forecast. here's lawrence. >> all right. we definitely got a lot of that around the bay area thick enough that we are seeing some heavy drizzle out toward the coastline. the roadways are very damp as you approach the beaches. now, that cloud cover is going to break up today and actually going to be a warmer day outside trying to get some brakes going right now over the -- breaks going righ
not block the new state law in colorado and washington that let's people smoke pot for whatever reason they want to. >>> gay conversion therapy is effectively banned in california at least for now. a federal appeals court in san francisco upheld the law stopping therapists from trying to make gay kids straight. some counselors and parents had challenged that ban saying it violates free speech rights. they could ask the court to reconsider the case. >>> time now is 4:12. lots of work being done on the eastern span of the bay bridge right now. but that's not all of the changes you'll see on the western span once the bridge reopens. plus -- >> i get things backwards a lot lately. >> how the huge nfl settlement could change the life of this former 49ers star when we come back. ,, ,,,, four days away from opening. >>> 4:14. another live look at the work on the suspensions span of the bay bridge. four more days until opening day come tuesday. one big test for the crews on the bridge is painting the western span of the bridge. our own ken bastida snapped this photo of crews applying a fresh
, wall street sure seemed to like that encouraging news from washington. the dow ended the day up 16 points while the nasdaq climbed 26 points. verizon communications is in talks with bring tal's voto phone to buy its stake vodafone has a 45% stake in verizon wireless with the rest belonging to verizon communications. analysts believe verizon wants to spend $100 billion but vodafone wants $130 billion. >>> in a study published in the journal "science" today, scientists found when people are worrying about financial problems, it has the same effect as going without sleep for a night or a 13-point iq drop. i know what it feels like to go without sleep for a night. i feel like that all the time. [ laughter ] >> every day, i'm with you, ashley. >> deep trouble, i have a feeling. we all go into cvs on occasion. you get those really long receipts and you go, yeah, thanks for that but i guess that's all changing, right? >> reporter: yes. hopefully it's going to change soon, too. they are vowing to cut down on its long super super long receipts actually after customers actually started posti
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